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8" Sq Buttercream Filled Coffee Cake$5.10
8" Sq Carrot Cake W/ Cream Cheese Frosting$7.25
8" Sq Iced Streussel Coffee Cake$4.20
Badger Baked Ham$6.29
Better Butter Rolls 6pk$2.50
Blueberry Muffin$1.10
Brat Buns 6pk$2.50
Buttercream Decorated Sugar Cookie$1.90
Buttercream Iced Peanut Topped Pershian$0.90
Candybite Cookie$0.75
Caramel Iced Peanut Topped Pershian$0.90
Caramel Iced Pershian$0.90
Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.75
Chocolate Chip Monster Cookie$2.25
Chocolate Chip Muffin$1.10
Chocolate Dipped Cruller Bite Bag$3.90
Chocolate Dipped Finger Cookie$0.85
Chocolate Half Dipped Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.85
Chocolate Half Dipped Peanut Butter Cookie$0.85
Chocolate Iced Buttercream Filled Donut$0.90
Chocolate Iced Buttercream Honeymooner$0.90
Chocolate Iced Cake Donut$0.90
Chocolate Iced Custard Filled Donut$0.90
Chocolate Iced Glazed Chocolate Old Fashion$0.90
Chocolate Iced Long John$0.90
Chocolate Iced Pershian$0.90
Chocolate Iced Raised Donut$0.90
Chocolate Iced Raised With Jimmies$0.90
Cinnamon Sugar Coated Cheese Filled Donut$0.90
Cookie Decorating Kit 6pk$7.00
Cruller Bites Decorating Kit 6pk$7.00
Cupcake Decorating Kit 6pk$8.00
Donut Decorating Kit 4pk (Cake Donuts)$7.00
Farm Bread$2.00
Fudge Iced Brownies W/ Sprinkles 6pk$5.40
Glazed Apple Fritter$0.90
Glazed Apple Pershian$0.90
Glazed Blueberry Old Fashion$0.90
Glazed Bowtie$0.90
Glazed Cheese Pocket$1.10
Glazed Chocolate Old Fashion$0.90
Glazed Cruller$0.90
Glazed Cruller Bite Bag$3.40
Glazed Plain Old Fashion$0.90
Glazed Raised Donut$0.90
Hamburger Buns 8pk$2.00
Homestyle White Bread$2.00
Hot Dog Buns 8pk$2.00
Iced Butterhorn$0.90
Iced Cheese Danish$0.90
Iced Cut Out Cookie (Seasonal Shape)$0.85
Iced Streussel Danish$0.90
Maple Iced Long John$0.90
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Cup$2.50
Peanut Butter Cookie$0.75
Pink Iced Raised With Jimmies$0.90
Plain Cake Donut$0.90
Sesame Hard Rolls 6pk$2.50
Silver Dollar Buns 12pk$3.00
Smile Cookie$0.85
Split Top Hard Rolls 6pk$2.50
Sugar Coated Raspberry Filled Donut$0.90
Sugar Coated Strawberry Cheese Pocket$1.10
Sugar Cookie$0.75
Wheat Bread$2.00
White Chocolate Half Dipped Sugar Cookie$0.85
White Iced Long John$0.90
White Iced Raised With Jimmies$0.90
White Iced Raspberry Filled Donut$0.90

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